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If you purchased a download of "Nothing But Bows' anytime since it's release last year can you please send a copy or a screenshot of your receipt to keeli@keeli.com. The single was released to every major online music store and to date ZERO sales have been reported to the distributor. I will not name the distributor at this point, I am hoping they will look into this issue and find out what went wrong.

They said this in an email : "XXXXXXX reports and delivers earnings information exactly as reported to by retailers. I can confirm that royalty information is reported accurately. If you claim to have sales that have not been reported (and should have been reported by this point in time) please provide documentation evidencing the sales transactions in question."

It is unfortunate that artists PAY to have their music distributed and have to ask their fans to submit documentation to prove that sales were made. The odds of not even 1 person {like the artists themselves or especially their mothers) would not have purchased a download. It should be part of the routine job on the distributors end to at least look into reported sales on behalf of their paying customers at least once after the music has gone "live" especially if the report is zero. Thank you so much for your help, this is a much bigger issue than 1 artist getting paid 60 cents on the dollar for distributed music.

Thank you for your help!

                        "Nothing But Bows"

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  Keeli is extraordinary and unique.


She has an incomparable style of original Elegant Jazz and Cabaret. Her lilting voice is soothing and inviting. Keeli's songs of whimsical clever lyrics are both timeless and ageless.

    As an experienced professional performer, Keeli knows how to engage her audience. She draws you in, captivates and entertains you in a way that only she can!

Join her for an evening you will long remember!

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“Keeli...you and your musical combo lived up to the word, Classy! Keeli has the kind of show you will thoroughly enjoy; a unique light Jazz style of original songs, presented by Keeli dressed in a gown, with accompaniment from astonishingly talented musicians who are so great, they don't have to make your ears bleed with volume. Last evening, I enjoyed great food, then a one hour show from Keeli. TERRIFIC and delightfully different from anything currently available in Nashville, TN.

Johnny Counterfit


Of all the singers I know personally, Keeli is a woman who sets the bar far above most...  and sets an example and path for others to follow... She puts an amazing new twist on the music and songs that she and her writing partners have come with as of late... I have to say that what really gives these songs and melodies legs... Is Keeli's Delivery...This Statuesque Irish Red Head Delivers from the moment she hits the stage...every eye in the house is fixed on her...and when she sings her first note and subtly drags you into her grasp... you, the audience, are spell bound....until she sings the last note and graciously walks to stage right exits and throws you a kiss until next time...

Bobby Pizazz

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"I have had the pleasure of working with Keeli doing several writers rounds...She is a very talented singer/songwriter who brings her distinctive style to each and every song that she performs. It is a delightful experience to work with an artist of her caliber...It is my hope that she receives the recognition that she so richly deserves..."

Jerry Foster


 Engaging, Alluring Musical Entertainment  for a Sophisticated Audience


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